Plan & Operation

Improving the standard of education and legal aid

The main object of the Association is to improve the standard of education in the area of operation such as;

A prize distribution ceremony will be held once a year for the position holders and awards will be given to the outstanding students.

Special programmes to encourage the youngsters in education and other positive progressive activities.

To provide the Books, Dresses, Others and reasonable scholarship to the deserving ones.

To set an “Educational Committee” which will have occasional visits to the different schools of the operational area and will examine and determine the standard of schools and their students upon humanitarian grounds with in legal norms, to extend our volunteer help to aid and improve them.

Human Rights

To serve the humanity in respect of various aspect of life including the legal rights of the oppressed and exploited peoples and the public at large who are badly suffering from the socio-economic and legal difficulties and troubles particularly the working clause and toiling masses.

As such the public at large are unaware about their legal rights and their obligatory duties hence, we ought to serve the human kinds to let them know about their basic and fundamental rights so that the peoples should make their life better and improve their social and economic status in respect of various aspects of their life in the modern world which needs a logical approach in respect of dynamics of the world today.

Legal Aid

One of our basic objects is to provide the legal aid to those peoples who are unable to engage any counsel so as to resolve their legal miseries and problems. Most of the peoples are unaware about their obligatory duties and reciprocal rights.

Moreover, majority of the prisoners behind the bar are unable to proceed with their cases due to lack of monitory support hence, we intend to serve and provide legal aid to such prisoners particularly the juvenile and the women folks who are helpless to engage any counsel to proceed with their cases in various court of law.

Removal of Corruption

We are determined to strive against the violent and massive corruption which has engulfed our society and its various vital organs resulting into deteriorating plight of our society at large.

The bone of contention between the various organs of our society is route of corruption for which the public has no solution to resolve their miseries which they are facing in the various aspects of their life. Hence, from the bottom to the top and the vice-versa we are seriously suffering from negative aspects of the corruption which has destroy and blocked progress and prosperity of our society in particular and the entire world at large.

It is therefore, determine by ourselves that, our one of the prime objects is to eliminate the routes of corruption from our society and from each and every individual of our society so as to improve and uplift the living standard of our peoples and the society.

Strive to Resolve the Energy Crises

Nowadays our entire world in general and south east asia in particular are badly suffering from energy crises which requires to resolve as its prime priority hence, we are determine to resolve this crises by adding by “Solar Energy and Wind turbine Projects” so as to help our society to decrease the energy crises which they are facing in their lives and business community including the industrial zone.

Adult Education Center

For adult; The Association will emphasize on the basic educational needs and will organize different seminars on needs and drawbacks of education of our society.


Preference will be given to open libraries with modern tech in the operational area.

Free Medical Camps

The Association will make efforts to organize different Free Medical Camps in the area through it’s HEALTH COMMITTEE” and will arrange Free Medical Help to the poor and helpless people.

Vocational Training

With the help of technical experts the Association will provide the vocational training in Association with other NGOs.

Physical Activities

The Association will make efforts to improve the physical activities in the area by organizing different tournament at least once a year try to improve indoor and outdoor games.

Human Rights along with Legal Aids

All efforts must be utilized in order to improve their standard of Human Rights in accordance and coordination with Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and provide legal aids to helpless peoples.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

Tree plantation is the major aspect of Association in the area and especially in spring a campaign will be operated by all the Associates of the Organization for bringing awareness in the society about world warming and to raise trees plantation all around.

Drug Abuse Prevention

The awareness about drugs is also principle responsibility of the Association. It is responsible to bring the peoples know about the end of the drug abuse and will help officials to prevent the distribution sell and use of the drugs.

Solar Energy, Wind Energy & Bio-Gas Energy Project

For adult; The Association will emphasize on the basic educational needs and will organize different seminars on needs and drawbacks of education of our society.

Water Supply

Due to scarcity of water, the Association plan’s to start a short circuit tube well water supply system in the area.